Water Treatment: activation, desalination, disinfection

Вода до и после очистки |Water before and after DEWADEWA-cavitators provide disinfection of polluted water, changes molecular structures (breaking them), changes pH level to higher level (more alkali). Thus, DEWA-cavitators could be used as a water-treatment systems in a heating stations, before the boilers.

The base of DEWA cavitators is rotor-impulse apparatus (RIA) which consists of rotor and stator with holes or slots in them.

Multiple passing via RIA leads water to heating. Most effective heating achieved up to the 76…79°C(169…174F). This phenomenon is used in DEWA-desalination complex which effectively makes distilled water from water of any saltness, e.g. regular sea water becomes as distilled water without any specific water pre-treatment and high-pressure osmosis devices. DEWA makes water distilled even if initial water saltness is 150 g per liter. For example saltness of Red Sea water is only 38 g/l.

Вода до и после очистки в ДЭВА

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